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Friday, August 24, 2012

Basketsim outage

Dear managers, has been off-line since Wednesday. The information up to know is that adiego is trying his best to solve the problem but the host (nexpoint web hosting) is down and their support is not very responsive. There is discussion going on in the basketsim facebook page as well:

Hopefully the problem will be resolved and everything will get back to normal. If there are any important news I will report them in the blog as well.

25/8/2012 14:40 CET Update: There is no significant progress. According to adiego he was promised by the web hosting company that the problem will be resolved in 24 hours (starting from Saturday 01:48) which means that we have to way until Sunday 26/8 morning. But I don't want to get your hopes up because the particular web hosting company had a lot of problems and all of its customers suffer a similar problem so solving everything in 24 hours is optimistic. (But of course we definitely hope to happen..!)

3/9/2012 17:56 CET Update: As of today there has been no substantial progress.

9/9/2012 17:55 CET Breaking (Good) NewsCopying from the facebook group:
The latest news from Adiego:
- backups of the http and small db tables were completed
- the big tables are waiting, but that cannot be done without superuser priviledges, so waiting for nexpoint response and hoping for that one last help
- also, i'm ordering a new server right now, all potential providers were examined into extreme details (reviews, uptime, performance, quality etc) and finally i was able to make a pick and i'm sure it's a great one!
- as soon as I get my SU priviledges back, I will complete the backups, move the site and then get it online on new server
- new sever should be extra fast, so there will be at least something positive coming from this situation :)
- all data should remain intact, only the match reports (texts only) will be missing for all past matches

I'm hoping for some development today already, when I receive new server, I'll start uploading data there (everything that is already backuped)

11/9/2012 19:12 CET Breaking (Good) News: It seems that the patience starts paying off. The domain is now under adiego's administration and soon we will see something on the page according to the facebook group.


Matt Scheinost said...

Thank you!

Matt Scheinost said...

Thank you!

Labinot Ahmetaj said...

Any news about the problem..when gonna be fixed?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info! I was worried that the game was done for good...

Anonymous said...

In the meantime it takes a loy of time. I hope the site will be back to day. I miss the game. Fingers crossed!!!!

nfs13 said...

Thanks for the updates!

This downtime seems like its aimed at me; i have my 5 year of basketsim celebration today!!

I really hope it comes back online today

Anonymous said...

any news?

Anonymous said...

Wat about past games wat happen to them

Anonymous said...

Today is an important cup match and due to server down I can't set my lineup. What's gonna happen if the server has not recovered by the time the games take place? Will they still be played with default lineups and count??

Vaidas said...

Today is an important cup match and I haven't set my lineup. Will the games still take place with default lineups and the results be counted as valid if the server has not recovered??

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of time. I think we need more information.But how do we get it?
We all have a lot of questions and we all hope soon we will have back our basketsim.


Anonymous said...

What now? Does the game come back????

Anonymous said...

It's been a week almost now. If adiego had a decent backup wouldn't he set it up somewhere else by now? Waiting for the old bastards to go online seems to be doomed. :(

Anonymous said...

Why no official statement from Adiego...It has been a week....He could publish a statement by now...Lots of rumors. No facts.....I am about to say forget about it, and scrub my NBA team....

Anonymous said...

Check FB.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I ask Adiego to give on thuis Goodies the information we need. A week passes and I read only rumors.
Please Adiego give a reaction. We are wating for you

Anonymous said...

he said he sent a mass mail to the ones who have gmail registered...and i still didn´t rceived it...

Anonymous said...

The best thing is he gives information on this blog
The players and supporters who are paying for the program have the right to know what is going on.

manathan said...

Guys, let me clarify that this blog is not maintained by adiego or by anyone who has any other special role other than building the BSGoodies blog and maintaining the basketfox for Firefox and Chrome.

Anonymous said...

anyway, that's what adiego said on facebook BS page :

The lack of communication is a sad fact, because it's not impossible to communicate through basketsim or basketsim emails in any way. To make it even worse, I was with no internet for 2 days due to lightning strike, however I'm just back now for under an hour and I'm answering all the emails and I also used my google plus account to send some kind of a mass mail to Basketsim gmail users.

BTW your
link is much appreciated and I will look at it immidiately and see if it's anything valid. Right now I'm prepared to work on just about anything that would help. For Basketsim it's all about data, so domain transfer itself is perhaps not a solution, unless the data can be fully transfered as well. The amount of data for Basketsim is extremely huge, so that could be a problem, I still have an earlier promise about data being intact, however I'm starting to doubt about anyt
hing that nexpoint has to say :/ But it seems just unimaginable to me that a rather large host would go just down with absolutely no prior notice and without offering any data transfer to their customers.

Also, I'm trying to follow all news regarding nexpoint/xibig situation, however if you should find anything that you believe is useful in any way, let me know and I'll check it at once!


Anonymous said...

Repost From Facebook site:
You decide if it is real or not:

Hi guys, this is Australian Basketsim user and supporter Winston (Australia 2.2., The PlaySport Winners). I am also a CompTIA A+ Certified IT Professional, Cisco Systems trained, and currently work for IBM as a Senior Hardware Engineer.

Adiego's updates makes total sense. The entire game website and data is too big to back up via the 'net (~50GB), so he a server at the web host that backs up the game in real time (RAID 1).

The entire Basketsim website is there, all of the data is there, and Adiego has requested for the data to be copied and sent to him.

here is what will happen:

- Adiego's current plan is to wait and see what happens with the web host. Once they are up, it's a simple matter of rolling back the transactions, finances and matches back to the time of the outage, updating the fixture dates, and voila! Back in business!

- In the incredibly unlikely scenario that the web host doesn't come back online, Adiego WILL get hold of a copy of ALL of the website's data. Then it's a simple matter of sending it to a new host, and voila!, back in business.

Try to remember that this outage was totally unexpected (by Adiego). Reconnecting high capacity, carrier grade data lines is a much bigger job than setting up a home internet connection. Once the connection is back up, Adiego will need time to fix things ready for the relaunch.

For everybody who is pissing and moaning about the "lack of communication", you have to put it into context.

Being realistic, I personally don't expect things to be back to normal on Basketsim for a few weeks yet. The game may well be back up within a week, but then the users need to be informed that the game is back online, Given the circumstances, Adiego will have done well just to get the game back online and functioning correctly. It's the best basketball management simulation on the internet. For that reason, I'll be there when it comes back.


Ashley (Winston).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info ... I really miss BASKETSIM!
I really want to recover as soon as possible my team ...

Anonymous said...

I am afraid this is the end of the basketsim as we know it :-(

Anonymous said...

After reading a few articles about the web host, my prediction is the domain name will be stolen and all the info "lost". These guys running the show are a slimy bunch.

Anonymous said...

uThis is what I read yesterdag.
I think the game is lost. Supporters who paid money lost their money.
The first is the update of Adiego, it's important and you should read it:

Also for the Basketsim users: if I will get a chance to access the data and download it, matchreports will be omitted, so basically for past matches it will be possible to see stats and everything, but not the full reports. Time-depending I could save some from the recent past, but that would take at least 6-8 hours to do. Also, backups without matchreports would still take around 4 hours (rough estimation), so I just hope this will be doable. Situation is pretty disastrous for me, because I have no resource without Basketsim and the situation simply cannot just drag on... so I'll absolutely press to get the data and hopefully this can be done. I will absolutely provide info on this situation as soon as I receive any - or as I said in our previous conversation, if I manage to get the domain before data and put it up with some basic text info or chat or something!

Anonymous said...

Basketsim's host is back up and running so that's a good sign at least.

Anonymous said...

To day on Facebook
Guys I have just received the first direct response from apparently re-located Basketsim server. This is very good news, because it backs the promise that was given to me earlier today, that I will receive new Basketsim server IP and be able to start the site again!"

Anonymous said...

I tried to load the page and it seems to be working, but I got nothing on the screen. Fortunately, even with a blank screen, it means that soon we'll be playing the game again! \o/

Sorry for my bad english. :)

Anonymous said...

After a horrendous 3 weeks of non-service by our server provider Nexpoint, Basketsim is coming back shortly, hopefully today - on a new server, with data successfully regained and will continue from few days after the time when network went down (server was still running until Monday).

Thanks to all for your patience and offered support, also thanks for sharing information when it was impossible to bring up in any way. Special thanks go to Basketsim unofficial Facebook group, from now on that group can be reached here: - check there for latest info on how things are going, but most important info is that over 96% of the data was already moved to the new server and switch should be completed within the next 16 hours!

See you soon on Basketsim!
Yours, adiego

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