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Monday, March 9, 2015

New Admin - New Era!

Dear Basketsim community,

With great happiness I welcomed the great news that Basketsim is yet again alive. One of the pretty important points now is to make Basketfox fully working again as well.

Since a few years ago I do not have the time to work on the Basketsim projects, I would however, be interested to spend some time with someone in order to keep the project alive :) and create a version that would be easier to be used.

I will first try to clean up a bit the code and add some comments, and also deal with the interruption of the game in order to calculate correctly which season/week we are in. Once this is done we will have a timeline about publishing the tool as a google play add-on.

If people are interested to set-up a repository and work collaboratively on fixing the code and maintaining the add-on please contact me.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Tool: New Coach Contract Tool

Dear basketsim managers,

There is a new tool on bsgoodies: New Coach Contract Tool.

This tool helps you to find, when you renew the contract of your coach, what is the salary for which he will ask zero sign-on money. It is proved that in this case the coach for the following year (sign-on + salary*19) is minimum.

Moreover, if you press the "Plot total value" you will see a google plot showing the overall cast (sign-on value + salary*19) when varying the proposed salary on the x-axis.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Stats Categories

Hi all,

In this post I would like to say a few words about the different stats categories that are presented by the "enhanced player stats" feature available by Basketfox by BSGoodies.

The first picture shows the stats they way they are presented by the game. The next picture shows the stats enhanced by Basketfox. There is a clear one-to-one corresponding for most of the lines and in parenthesis the averages per 40 minutes are shown. Moreover there are some additional summarizing statistics.

  • PPG = points per gameThe first picture shows the stats they way they are presented by the game.The next picture shows the stats enhanced by Basketfox. There is a clear one-to-one corresponding for most of the lines and in parenthesis the averages per 40 minutes are shown. Moreover there are some additional summarizing statistics.
  • 2P: for two pointers we show first the percentage and then the average shots made over shots attempted, and then the total number of 2p shots made and attempted. Please note the difference between basketsim: we show shots made (and attempted), not points made.
  • FT: similarly for free throws.
  • 3P: similarly for three pointers.
  • RPG = rebounds per game
  • DRPG = defensive rebounds per game
  • ORPG = offensive rebounds per game
  • BPG = blocks per game
  • APG = assists per game
  • SPG = steals per game
  • FPG = fouls per game
  • TPG = turnovers per game
  • Rating PG is self explanatory and in parenthesis we show the average per 40 minutes.
  • A/T is the Assists over Turnovers ratio (i.e., how many assists dished per turnover committed)
  • S/T is the Steals over Turnovers ratio (i.e., how many stolen balls per turnover committed)
  • (B+A+S)/T is the Blocks plus Assists plus Steals over Turnovers ratio (i.e., how many useful actions - steals, blocks, assists - per turnover committed)
  • TENDEX is a popular basketball metric which calculates the efficiency of a player by dividing TENDEX points by minutes played, where TENDEX points are equal to Points-Missed Shots(both 2P and 3P)-Missed Free Throws+Assists+Blocks+Steals-Turnovers. So the formula is (Points-Missed Shots-Missed Free Throws+Assists+Blocks+Steals-Turnovers)/Minutes Played. It is considered that a value of 1 is for a "perfect" player but higher values are actually possible. In general a value 0.5 is for a very good guard and 0.7 for a very good forward/center. You can find more details in GalanisSportsData website (link deactivated temporarily).
  • EconP40M = Economy per 40 minutes, where economy is the useful actions calculated as Assists+Steals+Blocks-Turnovers and then calculate the average per 40 minutes.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Basketfox for other borwsers

Hi all,

I want to share a quick word about porting Basketfox to other browsers. While this seems like an exciting new project, it seems that there is less interest in the community. In fact only 8% of the people would use Basketfox for Safari or Opera should it be available. While people are mostly happy with having Basketfox for Chrome (55% of the users use the Chrome version) and Firefox (51% of the users use the Firefox version).

*Note that the percentages do not add up to 100% but more because in the poll one could vote any number of browser that he intends to use with Basketfox and apparently there are some people who use Basketfox both in Firefox and Chrome (maybe a work/home situation or a second computer like girlfriends's computer and so on!)

So, porting Basketfox to other browsers is not a top priority. Instead we focus on providing all the possible features that BSGoodies and the community can think of and support the existing versions.

Moreover, we have started contemplating about a mobile version of the game or of Basketfox. This needs much discussion with the game admin so it is - for now - just a thought!

All the best,
Enjoy basketsim!
Enjoy basketfox!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Latest Basketfox in more than 1500 browsers!

Hi all,

I am just excited to see that the latest version of Basketfox is installed in more than 1500 browsers!!

Moreover, let me share some statistics about the blog and the project code page.

The Basketfox project page ( receives 25-50 unique visits every day, 15% of them come from Greece, 8% from USA, 6.9% from Slovenia, 6.2% from Italy, 5.1% from Serbia, 4.9% from Poland, 4.3% from Romania, 4% from Indonesia, 3.7% from Spain, 3.2% from France and the list continues. Regarding cities, Athens has the most visits, with Bucharest being second, Ljubljana third and  Belgrade, Riga, Dumai, Zagreb, Milan and Maribor filling the first 9 positions. Out of these visits 59% come from Firefox, 37.5% from Chrome and only 1.7% from IE, 1.4% from Safari and 0.3% from Opera and Opera Mini. Finally, regarding operating system 91.4% of the visitors use Windows, 4.9% Mac, 1.5% Android, 1.4% Linux and 0.6% iOS.

The BSGoodies blog ( receives 50-100 unique visits every day, 12.9% of them come from Greece, 8.6% from Slovenia, 7.3% from USA, 6.4% from Italy, 5.5% from Poland, 4.4% from Serbia  4.1% from Spain, 3.6% from Portugal, 3.5% from Bosnia, 3.4% from Romania and the list continues. Regarding cities, Athens has the most visits, with Ljubljana being second,  Belgrade third and Riga, Zagreb, Thessaloniki, Brno, Vilnius and Bucharest filling the first 9 positions. Out of these visits 51.7% come from Firefox, 42% from Chrome, 3.5% from IE, and only 1.1% from Safari, 1% from Opera and Opera Mini, 0.6% from Android Browser and 0.05% from IE with Chrome Frame and RockMelt. Finally, regarding operating system 94.3% of the visitors use Windows, 2.4% Mac, 1.2% Android, 1.1% Linux and 0.4% iOS.

Thanks for using and downloading Baketfox!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Installing Basketfox

The recent updates of Basketfox have increased its popularity and it seems that there is a considerable number of basketsim managers who are trying to use it for the first time.

In this short how-to I will explain how to install it. Before explaining how to install Basketfox for the two browsers it is available (Firefox and Chrome) let me clarify that the Operating System makes no difference. Until now Baksetfox works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Option 1: Installing Basketfox on Firefox

Installing Basketfox on Firefox is actually straight-forward.
Step 1: Navigate to the download repository:
Step 2: Click on the green arrow next to BSGoodies Basketfox for Firefox x.xx.xx with the latest version number (please make sure you download a *.xpi file).
Step 3: Choose open with Firefox and press OK.
Comment: If you choose to download the *.xpi on your computer then after running Firefox you have to press Ctrl-O and locate the downloaded file.

Step 4: In the next dialogue select "Install now".
Step 5: Once the installation is completed restart Firefox as prompted.

Option 2: Installing Basketfox for Chrome

Installing Basketfox for Chrome is somewhat more complicated.
Step 1: Navigate to the download repository:
Step 2: Click on the green arrow next to BSGoodies Basketfox for Chrome x.xx.xx with the latest version number (please make sure you download a *.crx file). After the file finishes downloading because Chrome does not allow you to install directly you will see the message "Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website". Press "OK".
Step 2b: If Step 2 did not work, please right click and the green arrow and select "Save link as...". Then proceed to Step 3.
Step 3: Open the "Extensions" page on Chrome as shown below.
Step 4: Drag and drop the *.crx file in the extension page.
Step 5: Press "Add" and you are done!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Call for youth coach training data

Dear BS managers,

When we are buying a coach to train youth we want to know how many weeks he is able to train our youths! The knowledge up to now is not entirely clear as according to this wiki entry what we know is the following:
Coach ExperienceMax Focus Time
above average (6)5-6 weeks
good (7)6 weeks
very good (8)6-7 weeks
great (9)7-8 weeks
extremely great (10)8-9 weeks
fantastic (11) or more9 weeks

Is it possible to clear this blur and know whether it is 5 or 6, 6 or 7 and so on. Is the number of max weeks a function of experience or of experience and WWY. Let's find out by submitting our REAL youth training coach data. Navigate to your training page and click on the link. Do not forget to submit the max number of training weeks (as you can see them when you set the training to your youths).

Friday, September 14, 2012 is back!

After a long wait is back!!
BSGoodies welcomes the game once again and hopes that every basketsim fan will be back on the game!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Basketsim outage

Dear managers, has been off-line since Wednesday. The information up to know is that adiego is trying his best to solve the problem but the host (nexpoint web hosting) is down and their support is not very responsive. There is discussion going on in the basketsim facebook page as well:

Hopefully the problem will be resolved and everything will get back to normal. If there are any important news I will report them in the blog as well.

25/8/2012 14:40 CET Update: There is no significant progress. According to adiego he was promised by the web hosting company that the problem will be resolved in 24 hours (starting from Saturday 01:48) which means that we have to way until Sunday 26/8 morning. But I don't want to get your hopes up because the particular web hosting company had a lot of problems and all of its customers suffer a similar problem so solving everything in 24 hours is optimistic. (But of course we definitely hope to happen..!)

3/9/2012 17:56 CET Update: As of today there has been no substantial progress.

9/9/2012 17:55 CET Breaking (Good) NewsCopying from the facebook group:
The latest news from Adiego:
- backups of the http and small db tables were completed
- the big tables are waiting, but that cannot be done without superuser priviledges, so waiting for nexpoint response and hoping for that one last help
- also, i'm ordering a new server right now, all potential providers were examined into extreme details (reviews, uptime, performance, quality etc) and finally i was able to make a pick and i'm sure it's a great one!
- as soon as I get my SU priviledges back, I will complete the backups, move the site and then get it online on new server
- new sever should be extra fast, so there will be at least something positive coming from this situation :)
- all data should remain intact, only the match reports (texts only) will be missing for all past matches

I'm hoping for some development today already, when I receive new server, I'll start uploading data there (everything that is already backuped)

11/9/2012 19:12 CET Breaking (Good) News: It seems that the patience starts paying off. The domain is now under adiego's administration and soon we will see something on the page according to the facebook group.